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You are a professional photographer and understand how difficult and tiresome post production photo editing can be? You spend many hours at night in front of your laptop making portrait or wedding post production.

You take beautiful photos, we make professional photo post production.


Wedding post production

High-level wedding post-production services fast and at affordable rates, picture culling, color correction, digital makeup fixing, skin retouching, white balance improvement and more.

Portrait post production

Make your portrait images brilliant and original with the help of our portrait post production services. We will remove flyaway hairs, improve or apply makeup, remove facial defects and red-eye effect, whiten teeth and brighten eyes.


Product post production

To make your product stand out, FixThePhoto retouchers will enhance or replace the background, define borders, change colors of items, work with shadows and even add watermarks if needed.

Body correction

Send us your photos and we will enhance the body’s curves, remove cellulite, make a face thinner, add muscles and do all possible to give your models an attractive look.

Photo manipulation

Choose FixThePhoto if you need to convert photos into sketches, cartoons or painting, apply a pin-up effect, add objects or certain stylized elements.

Newborn post production photo editing

The list of our newborn photo post production services includes skin color and tone improvement, facial features editing, items removal, background enhancement and more advanced manipulations.

Jewelry post production

Want to make your jewelry image pop? Drop us a message and we will choose a more suitable background, work with shadows, fill in gaps and edit gems, as well as fix blinks.

Real estate photo post production

Would like to make real estate images look luxurious? Our retouchers will increase sharpness, retouch windows, get rid of small items, perform vertical/horizontal strengthening and more.

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